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This is the first time I have experienced the "Glock Smile".

This happened when I was firing an Underwood 10mm, 115 gr, Xtreme Defender round from my new Lone Wolf 6.02 inch barrel.
The ejected brass:
Cylinder Auto part Ammunition Revolver Muffler

The weapon it was fried in:
Firearm Gun Trigger Revolver Gun barrel

After the bullet was fired the the weapon was jammed! The trigger never reset, it was still pulled back. I was unable to push the slide back, until I banged on the barrel with my fist.

It looks to me like the bullet exploded while not being fully chambered?! Do you have any idea what could have caused this?

I was also firing Georgia Arms ammo and getting a lot of FTF. I have a friend coming over tomorrow who is a gun smith and have him look at it.

Any ideas?
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