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A Boat Full of Whores

  1. An elderly, tenured professor of philosophy at Stanford University always started every class with a somewhat vulgar joke. While the guys always enjoyed the comical break, many of the femmes took the risque humor as a personal affront.

    After one particularly erotic example, the women in the class decided to band together and walk out as a group the next time he started one of his bawdy jokes.

    The professor, getting wind of their plot to disrupt his daily repartee, decided to seemingly play into their hands...

    The very next morning he walked into the classroom and said: "Good morning, class. Did you hear the one about the terrible shortage of whores in Iraq?"

    With that, all of the women stood up in a huff and headed straight for the door.

    "Wait, ladies," cried the professor. "The boat doesn't leave until tomorrow!"
  2. okie,
    Funny!;f ;a ;f

    Okie, I must say you crack me up.

    Here's to you!

  4. ;i That's a good one. I heard it a couple of months ago, but can't remember where.