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9x25 Dillon barrel in a G20 - Optimal length?

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Hey guys,

I have an opportunity to pickup a custom 9x25 Dillon barrel for my Glock 20 and am being given the choice of length; anywhere between stock 4.6" and 7.25". I've no experience with this round but would love the chance to pick up the barrel and have that option in my quiver. From what I've read, 9x25 Dillon really shines in longer barrels where the powder has more time to burn so nothing less than 6" is ideal. Would it be worth it to go up another inch and a quarter to 7.25" or am I starting to get in to unwieldy territory for not much of a performance gain?

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Guess it kind of depends on what you plan to do with it, but here are some 9x25 and 357sig numbers I recorded last year from different barrel lengths.

Text Design Paper Pattern Document

Text Pattern Design Paper Font
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