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OK, so I bought some of the cheap 33 round KCI mags :crazy:.

First trip out all was fine (firing through both a G17 and a Ruger carbine). Ran each mag about 3 times.

With a new load (ran out of the old bullets) I am having problems with the bullets sticking in the magazines. I can load the magazine OK but they are not feeding after the first round or two and I can see where the bullets are pointing pretty much horizontal and need to be shaken (hard) to loosen enough to get them to feed.

At first blush, it appears that they are too long for the KCI mags. They feed fine from the Glock mags. All 3 mags are behaving the same.

The loads are using Acme coated lead 124gr RN's (their NLG profile) and have a COAL of 1.124".

I've read where people who have had problems with the KCI's replaced the springs to get them to function.

Before I head there, does anyone know if there is a max COAL for these mags, or share what COAL in RN that you're running OK with in them? I do have a support query in with KCI but haven't heard anything back yet.

Thanks in advance!
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