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ive got a old ww1 i think , 8mm mauser , its marked m1938 german on the barrel. has mismatched numbers and stock has been sporterized. shoots good and comes with some ammo and reloading dies- asking 100

i have a cobray m11/9 , its been having some issues ejecting shells. im in the prosses of talking to cobray to try to get it fixed. they said its possibly a mag problem. one hell of a gun when it works properly. asking 350

kel tec p11 9mm, this gun is practicly new , fired less than 200 rounds. its at the kt mothership right now being put bacxk togehter and fitted with some new parts that i messed up while dissasembling. gun will be new when it comes back- asking 275

ill charge acutal shipping , would prefer ftf but probly noone here from maine. all prices are best offer. heres some pics. ]

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