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870 Express 18" barrel FTE spent shells

  1. I bought a Remington Factory 18 bead sight barrel to go on my 3yo 870 Express to keep loaded with Buckshot around the house.

    First time out this afternoon after putting it on my gun and the spent shells stuck hard enough that when i tried to bang it open the extractor ripped through the brass leaving the shell stuck.

    It did not seem to matter what i was shooting as it occurred with a variety of Winchester, Federal, and Remington loads of various Buck, slug and shot loads

    It was very dissapointing going out to pattern a new barrel and have 10-15 failures that took the gun out of action for minutes.

    BTW the gun eats anything with the rifle sight barrel and 28" vent rib barrel that I have had since new.

    I inspected the barrel and there are no visible burs and the chamber feels smooth.

    I called Remington and their only solution was to take it to a gunsmith and have the chamber polished.

    Anyone else have similar problems? Is the only solution to take it to the gunsmith they chose to do the warranty work?

    The guy on the phone did not sound surprised as if this is a common problem.
  2. That's really FTX... Failure to eXtract.

    I had the same problem, but it was the extractor spring... if yours works with the Std. barrel and is ripping through the brass then it's def. not that!

    You have 2 options, really.

    1) Try some different shells, see what works.
    2) Chuck a threaded cleaning rod in a cordless drill, put a good sized piece of T-shirt on the end and rub some polishing paste on it. Insert into the chamber area and spin gently.

    Test it out with some dummies along the way, and don't get too crazy with it!
  3. I was hoping there was something I could try myself. I have had REALLY bad luck with shipping guns for warranty work in the past, even a lost gun!
  4. Unfortunately it is far too common. The chamber needs to be polished. You can do it yourself with a 12 gauge copper bore brush wrapped with OOOO steel wool, lubes with rem oil or some other lubricant, attached to a short length of a cleaning rod and inserted into an electric drill. Hone the chamber for a total of 4 minutes and see if that doesn't improve the extraction. Keep honing the chamber in 2 minutes intervals until you no longer have extraction issues. Of course you can always turn it over to a gunsmith. I have used this technique on 4 express shotguns and it cured the problem. Remington is well aware of the problem and has been for years.
  5. You can do #1 or #2...