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800X Loads: Quick Range/Chrono Report

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by 2nd Shot, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. 2nd Shot

    2nd Shot

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    Oct 9, 2011
    Hey guys, long time since I've posted here. I finally got the chance to borrow a chrono, and the first thing I did with it was fire my reloaded 10mm loads through it.

    Wed, 8/1/2012, Temperature approx. 85 degrees. Elevation 1400 (Google), 1600 (baro, GPS) ASL. As time was short, I didn't have time to fire 10 round strings, and calculate min/max/avrg/es/sd. Chrono used was a Competition Electronics Pro Chrono. Firearm used for all loads was a box stock Glock 29SF, with Wolff steel non captive guide rod and 21lb spring set. No other changes.

    Load 1: X-Treme 180gn plated FP, 8gn Power Pistol. Reclaimed R-P nickel brass, CCI 300, OAL 1.250" - Soft shooting, reliable feeding and function. Velocity measured a consistent 1050 FPS, with a couple rounds reading ~20fps, and one or two reading slightly higher. Primers nice and round, mild case bulge like any stock load. Safe, economical load for the Dillon RL550B.

    Load 2: Nosler 135gn JHP, 13gn 800X (individually hand weighed). New Starline nickel brass, CCI 300, OAL 1.265" - Sharp recoil and muzzle blast, although surprisingly controllable. Reliable feeding and function. Velocity was noticeably inconsistent, with low samples reading at 1400, and high samples clocking in at just over 1500 FPS from the 3.48" stock barrel. Primers still rounded, mild case bulge. No signs of pressure noted. Possibly due to inconsistent burn rate, inconsistent breech locking, or due to fading light causing inconsistent readings on the chrono. Must investigate further.

    Load 3: Hornady 200gn XTP, 9gn 800X (individually hand weighed). 1-2x fired R-P Nickel brass, CCI 300, OAL 1.260" - Stout recoil, less sharp than the 135/800X load, but with a heavier push. Easily controllable. Reliable feeding and function. Primers still rounded, mild case bulge. No signs of pressure noted. Velocity was quite consistent between 1105 and 1120 FPS.

    [Edit]: I did work up some 135 Nosler loads with up to 10.6gn of Power Pistol, but this was before I had access to the chrono. They had much more bang and flash, but the recoil was noticeably less than the 800X/135 load when fired back to back. I will attempt to tune and re chrono these loads again when I get my own chrono.
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  2. robert91922


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    Aug 5, 2009
    Slovenia, Europe
    Thanks for a report, keep up the good work!
    Here in Europe can't find any 800X so got to rely on Vihtavuori powders :upeyes: