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So here the story, I bought a SCAR 17S last summer. I flip flopped for months on what scope to put on her. I went NF to USO to Vortex but was set on a FFP so I ended up with a US Optics B-10 and couldn’t be happier.

Then I moved on to the trigger which was a no brainer and dropped the Timeny on in.

Now I have one bad ass piece of gear, the Plano case and a small cache of FN 20 round magazines however, I am missing one critical element to really put this system over the edge and that is a suppressor. I have a YHM Cobra M2 that I picked up a couple of years back for my FNX 45 TAC which has been a lot of fun but now I’m thinking about grabbing one for the SCAR 17s.

I’ve narrowed it down to a few candidates (open to suggestions) and would like some feedback as to on what and why I should pull the trigger. I’m a range rat with my eyes on a 300WM bolt action in the near future so it would be nice to have a .30 cal can that is rated up to that but it’s not a deal breaker if it isn’t since I could just get another one.

Surefire SOCOM RC2
Dead Air Sandman L
Dead Air Sandman S

If you guys/gals can think of any other models I should be considering with a solid QD system and that’s tough as nails, compliments the SCAR 17S and the company has good QS please give me your opinion.

I’m open minded to anything,
AMTAC’s, AAC, Gemtech, whatever you guys got. Thanks!
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