65 and still shooting

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    Ohio Police Arrest Unlikely Suspect, 65, in Series of Car Shootings

    Saturday , January 16, 2010

    A 65-year-old Ohio man, far from retiring quietly, is now the prime suspect in a string of random shootings at moving cars spanning six months, Cleveland's Fox8.com reported.

    At least four cars in the Cleveland area have been struck by bullets since August, most recently on Dec. 19, Fox8.com reported. No one was injured in the shootings.

    Police and neighbors alike say the suspect, Paul Hausmann, does not fit the profile of a violent criminal. Hausmann, a Ford Motor plant electrician, is divorced and lives alone at a condo complex in Strongsville, Ohio, Fox8.com reported. Police say he has no criminal history.

    "I just can't imagine him doing that," neighbor Romeo DeMeo told Fox8.com.

    Police say Hausmann has been vague in his conversations with them, and they have not been able to identify a motive.

    A judge set Hausmann's bond at $1 million Friday in a Cuyahoga County courtroom.

    Berea Police Chief Mark Schultz told Fox 8 that Hausmann was arrested Tuesday and charged with carrying concealed weapons and felony assault.

    Police were alerted to Hausmann after they received a tip about a suspicious man in a green Ford.
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    Good for him. He has a hobby that keeps him active...

    Oh wait...:wow:

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    I know lots of guys that old who still shoot. And shoot well, too.