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61 percent support abolishing the Electoral College

  1. And no doubt this poll reflects a fair and random sampling across all citizens of the USA.

    Just like the presidential election polls.
  2. The only reason people want to abolish the Electoral College is because they're pissed about favorite candidates losing.

    Mic drop, end of story.
  3. Only 61% of Leftist Democrats want to abolish the electoral college.
  4. Just further evidence of the inevitable decline of Western civilization.
  5. You're right, if it was an actual representative sample of our population, the most popular answer would be "People should be able to attend any college they want."
  6. And if Trump had gotten the greater popular vote but lost the Electoral count, his base would have started clamoring for an end to the EC the day after the election.
  7. If it is removed, then california and new york get to decide who the presidents are. Thats why we have it to begin with, so that a couple states can`t decide what they think is best for the country.
  8. Yup. That's exactly why nothing of importance should be decided by majority vote.
  9. The left use to love the EC, that is until Bush beat Al Gore by the EC and again by Trump over Clinton.
  10. Proves how stupid many people really are and why we need the electoral college even more today than ever.
  11. Ask again, leaving out the Californians who include illegal aliens in their sanctuary-outlaw state.
  12. Imagine being ruled by those urban rats. Look what they've done to themselves.
  13. What's the old saying,

    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what's for lunch.
  14. The electoral college exists to protect the minority from the majority.
  15. Anyone who dosent understand why we have the EC, probably shouldnt be allowed to vote.
    Those same type of people want the constitution burned as well.
  16. Yep, exactly what happened when 0 was elected twice. Yep. Sheesh. Your crystal ball fails you.
  17. Not surprised. Most don't really understand why it exists.
  18. 61% of those polled have not read the constitution nor would they understand the principles used to draft the document

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  19. The best part of the statement "61 percent support abolishing the Electoral College" is the irony that it would take a higher percentage of states to agree to do this! LOL.
  20. ^^^ My immediate reaction when I read the title to this thread.
  21. You nailed it.
    It's exactly why we need the Electoral College.
    Can you imagine if we voted as a nation on the Bill of Rights now? Freedom of the press? No way. Second Amendment? Absolutely no way! Etc. Etc. Etc.
    If we start tinkering with the Constitution (aside from the amendment process, which is intentionally difficult), we're lost as a nation.
  22. When the Electoral College is abolished then southern CA, Chicago, and NYC will dictate to the rest of our country.
  23. More fake polls intended to influence public opinion, not reflect public opinion.
  24. Mass delusion vs sound logic

    Always a toss up
  25. Exactly.

    Given that the Electoral College currently exists to protect the rights of the minority, the fact that a majority wants to eliminate it is completely irrelevant.
  26. DC will become a state so either way the left will have the vote in coming years

    If we truly went by popular vote we wouldn't have elected officials. Most people don't vote
  27. Spot on CORRECT!
    That is exactly why they want the EC removed, so they can run the rest of the country into the chithole.
  28. ^^^ Spot on!

    The founders did not want changes to the Constitution to be taken lightly. It's why 3/4 of the states have to agree to any changes. Amendments have to be really good ideas supported by a large majority. There have admittedly been some bad ones - prohibition, income tax, direct election of senators.

    But leftists want to change the Constitution without going through the amendment process, because they know their ideas do not have the support of the majority. That's why they're crazed about the SCOTUS. They know that if they can put a majority of far left extremists on the court, the Constitution can be adjudicated out of existence, and they can create the socialist utopia they crave.
  29. Mob rule.
    What the 13 colonies did not want.
  30. Yes, direct election of Senators is a curse.
    State selection of Senators gave the State some control of the Feds.
  31. I got some $$$ that says "61%" can not (accurately) describe how the electoral college works. They don't know, what they don't know.

    Define democracy: three wolves and a lamb deciding what is for dinner. Other wise known as tyranny of the majority.

    No electoral college - then no country (nation).
  32. 99% of those 61% who said yes believe the Electoral College is the reason why they have to pay back their college tuition loans.
  33. Civics missing in Education!

    Outlaw public schools; schools have no need to be influenced by local government either; private schools only and let the free market pick winners and loosers; Schools could also receive endowments with US origin, no foreign income source. No foreign students accepted, period!

    Private Education Accreditation entities would emerge, giving parents educated choices in choosing where to educate their children.
  34. Bingo!
  35. I would ask, 61% of whom? Most of these polls are conducted at gay rights rallies and democrat gatherings of one sort or another, and are basically meaningless.
  36. They probably do, and don't care. Most people could care less what the conditions were at the start of this country, and don't really think they still apply. I bet if someone did a poll and whether or not the constitution should be discarded completely and a new governing document drawn up from scratch, excluding the states as parties in it's development, with a simple majority vote of the population necessary to approve implementing the new document, the majority of the poll respondents would be in favor.

  37. I think if presidential election by direct popular vote isn't implemented, at some point the country will likely break up. Of course, if presidential election by direct popular vote is implemented, the country would break up shortly thereafter.
  38. It always amazes me how we have the brilliance of the founding fathers always under attack by those who think they are smarter. Its always a bad joke. It gives foundation to the claims that great societies collapse from attacks within not from the obvious enemies without.
    The EC helps avoid what is called the"tyranny of the majority". In this case just the major liberal metro areas.
  39. We have not taught American history, government, and civics in K-12 schools for many years. So now we are saddled with 2 or 3 generations of young people who have no concept of why our founding fathers wrote what they wrote, and why they setup the government of this nation they way they did. These folks have no understanding of the function of the EC and what will be lost if it is abolished. Thank God it would take an amendment to the Constitution. I doubt they could get 2/3rds of both houses or 2/3rds of all the states to propose such a thing, and then get 3/4ths of the states to ratify it.
  40. The way CA is imploding no need to ask, just go outside and flag down a car full of CA economic refugees.
  41. If Hillary had won by electoral college with Trump winning the popular vote, this wouldn’t even be a story.

    Classic leftism. We lost the game, so therefore the game is unjust and the rules must change.

    Let’s see what happens in a few months. If Biden edges Trump via the EC stories like this will disappear.
  42. Make “None of the Above” a ballot requirement for all elective offices at all
    levels of government. If it wins, that position stays empty until the next regularly scheduled election in which that position would appear. Imagine! Four years without a President and Vice President. Third in line succession would not apply.
  43. Doesn’t the Constitution - whatever that is - say that DC cannot become a state? In fact, letting people set in Congress from DC - even without voting privileges - probably violates the Constitution. And giving DC electoral votes...

    If, however, DC is made a state, that should end its participation in the federal budget.
  44. That is what doctors call "projection". Conservatives respect the actual Constitution, as written. Leftists respect the Constitution, as they interpret it.
  45. The Electoral College may well have been a compromise solution, but it was a brilliant one. Small states wouldn't have any political pull without it.
  46. Yup.
  47. It was probably the staff of illegal aliens who worked a recent BBQ over at Pelosi's house who were polled.
  48. ... and in related news... 61% of US Citizens can’t spell Electoral College or even begin to explain how it works.

  49. Care to explain, please? In both 2008 and 2012, Obama won both the electoral and popular votes handily--by about 10 million votes in '08 and about 5 million votes in '12. The results of the EC and popular votes did not conflict. How is that like the hypothetical I put forth?