6 month trial of Smart Carry holster

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by renovation_man, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. renovation_man


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    Dec 14, 2008
    Thats right, 6 months carry trial of smart carry holster with G-26 and Kahr-pm9. Both were cocked with no round in the pipe. I do home remodeling and I found myself in every position you can imagine. All kinds of contortions, positions, and some down right uncomfortable postures. My weapon never left the holster, never became uncomfortable, and best (of course) of all, the weapon never ended the day with a pulled trigger. It took this long for me to become confident with this holster given that it is basically a denim fanny pack strapped to your waist that rests inside your belt line. I would recommend this holster. If I could change anything about this holster I would sew a kydex shield within the material over the trigger area to alleviate my concern. However, I love it and will continue to use it!
  2. mrbray101


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    Feb 18, 2007
    Is it actually comfortable while squatting, bending, and kneeling down? I wear a tucked shirt to work and do a lot of bending over/kneeling/etc. so a tuckable holster would print my 19 pretty bad so I resort to carrying my Kel Tec in the pocket.

    How does the smart carry feel carrying all day?

    The kydex part sounds like a good i bet someone handy with a sewing machine could rip the seam and you could cut a proper size piece then slip it in and stitch it up.

  3. KYJoe


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    Jul 8, 2002
    Good Ole Ken Tuck
    I love my Smart Carry holsters, but completely agree with you guys regarding the kydex and frankly have no idea why they do not offer this as well as a few other improvements. On their website they even mention that the bottom section of denim ultimately wears out as it takes the brunt of the weight and pressure of the gun. They recommend patching/reinforcing it with duct tape (wish I was joking) or taking it to somewhere and having them sew a thin piece of leather over the bottom. Why not just sell an option to include the leather reinforcement as well as the kydex trigger guard for extra piece of mind? It makes no sense to me. I did hear of a guy here on GT who sewed in a lining in the gun pocket from plastic milk jugs. Sounds like a doable fix.