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I am liquidating the extras of my collection and a couple marine/LEO buddies of mine. All uppers are as listed with more to come. I really just want to get rid of these so I have tried to answer all questions by posting accurate descriptions. I do have a couple BCG's for sale if someone purchases an upper and wants one. A few trades listed at the bottom. +200 feedback on arfcom and a few deals done here.

1. Includes BCG/Carry handle. Unknown upper, 1/9 16" carbine,chrome lined, this has shot great, maybe 2k through it, duracoated with some finish wear, as pictured, includes 2 stainless c products mags and one brand new lancer mag, c products have initial in paint marker. $475 shipped and insured.

2. No BCG/CH I have a brand new 14.5" 1/9 bushmater barrel chrome lined, M4 profile with a vortex pinned by ADCO. It is mated to a brand new keyhole forged upper (a few slight marks from install) . The gas block was shaved and re parked by ADCO. A few light marks from my safe but I have never fired a round through it. It has a very slight ding in the gas tube but I do not think it would effect function at all. includes 2 nip stainless c products mags $395 shipped/insured

3.Includes original CMMG BCG/charging handle. CMMG mid length upper,16" chrome lined, 200-300 down the pipe, as shown includes 2 stainless c products mags with magpul floor plates $575 shipped, insured

4. RRA tactical carbine upper 16" chrome lined, with RRA tactical carry handle and original BCG/CH 100RDs down the pipe! side sling mount included, includes 3 stainless c products mags (they have paint mark initials on them) and one GI mag with aslightly cracked feed lip. $635 shipped, insured.

5.No BCG/CH. I have a 16" Olympic Hbar Chrome moly 1/9 . It is mated to a keyhole forged upper . The barrel was threaded by ADCO. The upper shows some chips in the parkerizing but fit and function is fine. Gas block was duracoated a grayish color. includes Older pentagon light, kryloned black, in arms QD mount, xenon, original batteries, clicky tail cap acts up sometimes, large 5.11 belt and 2 nip stainless c products mags.This would make a great truck gun upper, etc. $385 shipped/insured ( FRIGGIN PAID LIKE $200 FOR THE PENTAGON!)

6.Includes BCG/CH/ BUIS, COLT 6940 100rds down the pipe. comes with 1 stainless c products mag used with paint mark initials and blackhawk predator pack. $1075 shipped/insured. Not pictured, email for pics.

First unconditional " I'll take it " by IM or email at my discretion (stuff is listed elsewhere.

Only trades considered viking tactics padded slings, ctr stocks, I also need one decent aimpont but I am not picky.

insured shipping included, Paypal +3% or postal MO

Z +200

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