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this is a fully plug and play type system, by Theater Logic.

5.1 dolby stereo surround with center, front left/right, rear left/right and a powered subwoofer, all with remote. all you do is plug the sub unit into a wall outlet, connect to tv(whatever) with RCA cables, and run speaker wire (included) to the speakers. good to go!

aluminum casings and silver grills on the speakers. pretty heavy, doesnt feel like light junk.

I never hooked this up. got it from a friend who didnt hook it up. he didnt even take it outta the box. I took it out and looked at it, but decided the room where my big tv is, would be too much of a pain to do surround (I'm kinda lazy).

I'd like to get $150 obo for this.
and since its damn'll have to be FTF in the Austin area.

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