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500 S&W kinetic bullet puller.

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Found one last week.

Here's a quick link. More when I get back from work.
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Doesn't the standard impact puller from MidwayUSA (Frankford Arsenal) work on the 500?
Nope, the (Correction, it's actually Quinetics) is just barely too small. Mikes out at .50 and the brass won't even begin to fit.

The SR1750 shows .56 and works very well on the 500s.

I know I've got some .50AE around here somewhere that are about to get another chance at going boom.
I have a Frankfurt Arsenal kinetic puller, and it worked just fine on a S & W 500 round just the other night.
My mistake, sorry guys.

I thought I had a Frankfurt Arsenal, but the color was wrong. Believed it was an RCBS(green) until I scrubbed down the handle.

It's a Quinetics, I've had it for years and never looked at it that closely. I'd never heard of Quinetics and now I have no idea how this ended up in my pile of weird stuff. I don't remember buying it and it doesn't show in my Midway, Brownells or Grafs order history.

It's like that yogurt in the fridge. I didn't put it there and I live alone.:dunno::dunno::dunno:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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