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5 Year old boy 'executed'

  1. Is BLM going to march for this little boy???
  2. NO, hell, the big name media isn't even mentioning this story.
  3. Don't think so, but they will most likely try to get the killer released from jail and blame the 5 year old kid.
  4. Then classify it as a COVID-19 death and then blame Trump?
  6. A very strange and horrific story.
  7. upload_2020-8-12_15-55-11.jpeg

    Fire it up. I'm paying for the fuel. tom. :steamed:
  8. Let the father in the room alone with him for 10 minutes

  9. We aren't allowed to say all lives matter.
  10. I’ll take what’s left and use it for fish bait.
  11. Like many here I'm sure, if that happened to my son then or my grandson now I wouldn't need 10 minutes.

    As sad and tragic for the child and his family as this is, I'm not shocked or surprised this happened as I would have been 20 years ago. It's like certain segments of society are devolving at an alarming and frightening rate.
  12. Good thing the races weren’t reversed, otherwise we’d have to engage in one of those “national discussions.”
  13. The silence from BLM is profound
  14. No need. give me the waste of human skin, a dull machete, and 20 minutes. I'll take care of it.
  15. I'd need longer than 10 minutes for what I'd do to that pos if that were my son, I'd make him suffer for quite awhile.
  17. Sickening.
  18. I need to walk away. This happened in my dad's home town. heartbreaking, to say the least.

    I shouldn't say anything else. Rest in peace, little boy.

    No man is an island entire of itself; every man
    is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
    if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
    is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
    well as any manner of thy friends or of thine
    own were; any man's death diminishes me,
    because I am involved in mankind.
    And therefore never send to know for whom
    the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
  19. The headline is lying. It says, "Wilson man wanted in fatal shooting". That's not a man. It is an animal and should be treated as such. Stinking coward garbage.
  20. The "Consult with chipper" crowd (that's what nurses call it) would end up in prison.
    Just put the dirtbag in prison. He'll hang himself after mutilating himself.
  21. Some people don’t deserve to be walking around breathing. This “man” is one of those...
    Do you have children? If so, would you be this tolerant towards their killer?

  22. Nope, Disagree
  23. Kill the POS as slow as possible!
    Sew his pee/poo holes shut, feed and water him daily, until he`s dead.
    People like this need to suffer in great lengths of pain, until they stop breathing.
    A very slow and very painful death televised over the cable networks. Needs to be seen.
  24. You really are Intolerant, I concur Doctor
  25. Fire ants, red wasp, honey.
  26. A public short rope, long drop.
  27. I dont like people that hurt children. The ones that do, need to suffer a v-e-r-y slow painful death.
  28. :cheers:
  29. Amen to that!
    He`ll be set free to go home for dinner though. That`s how the justice system works now.
  30. His brother is in prison for child molestation. A real group of winners that family created.
  31. Why isn't BLM or the MSM interested in this? The same reason it isn't interested in anything else that does not fit its agenda
  32. I think we need to bring back pressing. Big water tank laid on top of him drip..... drip.....drip.....drip.

    I don't know, I also revert to "revenge is mine sayeth the Lord." I tend to think that is for our own souls. Just kill him and let God handle the punishment.
  33. I'll say this - the murderer's life does not matter.

    Not talking about his race or anything else, but him specifically. He no longer matters. Just wasting oxygen.
  34. Probably true.

    I took Paul's comments as what WOULD happen, not what he thinks SHOULD happen to someone who got all chipper with this guy....
  35. I have no words, poor family if this was my gs .... well there would be hell to pay is all.
  36. Apparently the father was his friend and had been hanging out with him.

    In a bizarre twist, Sessoms was apparently friends with the victim’s family.

    “We used to play together and I never thought he’d kill someone,” said Rachel Pipkins, cousin of Cannon’s mother, according to CBS 17.

    Sessoms reportedly had eaten dinner with Cannon’s father on Saturday, before the shooting.

    The suspect reportedly fled the scene after the alleged shooting but was found and taken into custody on Monday.

  37. I saw that in the original article. Even if that were my friend and he did that to my son, I would ask for ten minutes.
  38. Death is not a prerequisite for cremation.
  39. Social workers are on it. They have done a great job apprehending the gentleman who did it. Everything will be fine. --- BLM
  40. May I please hold the bastard's feet ears...?

    I 1st saw this ~2 days ago - on the UK site Dailymail for pity's 'effing sake - saddened but not surprised it's only now being even minimally mentioned on/in US. Couldn't bring myself to post... after my eyesight returned.
  41. If this happened in Houston, Kim Ogg would let him off on a PR bond.