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+++SPF+++WOW!!! fastest I've ever sold anything on here, think I way underpriced! OK, in order of who got to me first both on here and PM was, in order:
So SweetP gets first crack at payment then it will go down the line. Thanks for the fast interest!

I sold my duty G22, but still have 5 extra hi cap (15 round) non-LEO marked Glock magazines in used condition. The mags are less than a year old in perfect funtional shape, mags just have some scuffs and wear from daily carry, inserting/ejecting, etc. I can take pics if need be, but are just regular old Glock :cool:

So if I can sell all five mags at once, I will sell for $65 total and free shipping, that comes to $13 with no shipping. I will also consider trades (partial or full) involving Springfield XD 45 accessories, just shoot me a PM with what you have to offer.

I will not seperate the mags for the next several days to try to keep it as a package deal.

Of course sold only to states were legal.

Thank you for looking.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts