5 teens killed in car accident here

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    Apr 3, 1999
    Near Helena, Montana
    Early yesterday morning.
    About 2 1/2 miles north of me, there is a long stretch of dirt road that ends in a steep downward incline to a T at the bottom. Thrill seeking teens get some speed up, catch some air, everyone screams, they hit the brakes when they land and make the corner at the bottom. This vehicle was going way, way too fast and didn't even touch ground again before slamming into the hillside on the far side of the T, some 120 yards away. All five, three boys and two girls, were killed on impact. Way to go guys, you really impressed 'em with that one.
    I don't know how many times I've told my daughter to take a good look around at her classmates... "Half a dozen of them will be dead in car accidents before you graduate". S hi t, the Reaper got 'em all in one fell swoop. This same stunt killed a couple other kids a few years ago too. Ironically, these roads are currently being reconstructed, and this steep incline will be virtually gone in a couple months.
    I can't imagine how fast this vehicle must have been traveling to have been airborne for over 300 feet off of this hill. 100 mph? More? None of them were wearing seat belts. Our county coroner has been the coroner here since us "old timers" were kids ourselves, 36 years now, and this is the first incident he knows of, state wide, where five people were killed in one accident. My daughter knew four of them, and I know three of the families somewhat.

    And only ten weeks to graduation for four of them...