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I have a large lot of 5.56 USGI surplus stripper clips and spoons for sale. I have sold these on here before and everybody was pleased with their purchases. I sort these for defects and then use a scale for counting out bags of 100 by weight. I sell these in lots of 200 stripper clips + 1 spoon for $24.00. Free priority shipping for these as well, which is over $6.00 by itself.

These ship in priority flat rate boxes due to the weight. 200 Strippers and 1 spoon weighs about 4.5 lbs and flat rate has been proven to be the cheapest way to ship.

To purchase, send me a PM, please. PayPal +3% to cover the fee or postal money order. I do not go by the bank very often since it is across the county, so NO checks please. I am at the post office often since I ship often, so a postal money order is a good option for me. If you want a larger lot of these, PM me. Posted on other gun forums so these are going fast.

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