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5,5, and 25 on the 1st

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Just did my New Year's Day shooting. Walked out back a couple hundred yards to my range, in 5" of snow, 5 degrees out, and rang steel 25 times.

Used my 640 and moon clips so I didn't have to fumble with loose cartridges.

Saw 2 deer's tracks up and down my trail, looks like from this morning :)

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Because of your thread you convinced me to walk outside in our 12-degree afternoon while light was good, walk fifty yards to my steel plate range, and pop off some .357-Magnum from my 4" Highway Patrolman and my .357-Mag Handi Rifle. Just a cylinder and a few loose rounds. Didn't even put on a coat.

Thanks for the [email protected]!!!!! That was a fun four minutes. Took me longer to type than to do it. I need you to kick-start my butt more often!
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