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Colt Delta Elite 10mm. 5" Government model stainless steel. Has carry marks and minor scratches. No major flaws. Would make a great base gun to send for a custom project. $850 shipped I will try to have some pics this weekend

I bought this Colt new when they first came out and it has been my primary carry piece. I have carried it for around 18 months. It functions flawlessly. I fired 100 rounds through it before carrying it then qualified twice on the state 20 round course so it has been fired 140 rounds. Never a malfunction. It has some minor holster wear and scuffs but is still pretty nice. In the box with 2 mags. $750 shipped

Just got in 5 RRA stripped lowers. I dont have to tell you how hard they have been to get. $165 shipped.

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