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47.3mW Leadlight green laser pointer

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Subhadar, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Subhadar


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    Feb 4, 2004
    I bought 10 leadlights from, all were originaly <5mW models so I wasn't afraid to tinker with them a little, and got very lucky with 2 of them. I applied the pot mod to them and got two that ended up over 40mW! The one I am selling here ended up at 47.3mW, (coherent lasercheck power meter used) pretty incredible. This is very rare from what I have experienced with leadlights. 4 ended up under 10mW and the other 4 ended up under 20mW, with the best one being 18.2mW.

    This pointer will easily burn holes through trash bags, cut electrical tape (if stretched) and BURN your skin in a second if you point it at a freckle or draw a black or red dot on the skin. Very powerful, beam is incredibly brilliant at night.

    Pointer is the shiny chrome style. I have used it very little since I bought it January. Definately less than 10 minutes of ON time. Ships with all original equipment, metal case, fresh batteries and the cardboard sleeve.

    Selling this for $200 dollars shipped and insured. Or trades for Microtech's, list below. Paypal (+3%) or USPS money order accepted. Compare to Wicked Lasers price of $274 (plus shipping) for a 40-50mW model.

    What I would definately consider in trade:

    USER UT6 single edge, seratted, plain whatever

    USER Scarab Executive single edge, plain or serrated ( I HATE skate tape!)

    NIB Vector auto, any type

    NIB Amphibian auto, older model without the safety (I HATE safeties!)

    ANY single action OTF's, any condition.

    Cash can be added by me or by the buyer to offset value differences, if neccesary.

    I would accept other models not listed here, these are just the ones that are high on my wish list.
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  2. bigGuns


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    Jul 25, 2001
    The Batcave
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