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Thx JJM. What year is the Willys?
12/16/1941. Started life as a Slat Grill, re-manufactured at Karlsfeld Ordnance Depot (Germany) in 1950. Transferred to Greek Army and re-manufactured in 1967. The Greek Army mothballed it it until surplussed in 1982.

When I bought it in 2006 the odometer read 250 miles with a note (in Greek) to change engine break-in oil at 300 miles.

It is a fine unrestored piece of history!

This is the LONG answer!

230g RN SNS coated bullet, 4.3g WST 1.25" COL.
200 SWC SNS coated bullet 4.8g WST 1.25" COL.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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