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.45 ACP Powders For Gamer loads

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As some of you know of recent I have become quite intrigued with powder and trying to understand how to assess and apply the differences successfully. I'm searching for a soft, clean & accurate (45 acp) powder for target and a "gamer" load.

Hodgdon said the new WinClean 244 might have too much velocity for my needs however suggested to look at Clays, HP38 & W231.

I compared those only to find HP38 & W231 have the exact same stats, exactly! Why? Some on forum chatter says they are the same powder. Another said they are the same powder but HP 38 meters better. How can one meter better if they are indeed the same powder?

Are they really the same powder marketed with different labels?

And Clays requires less of a charge and has a higher pressure rating, indicating it burns faster?

And he77, speaking of pressure ratings, there are two (cup & psi) of which apparently there is not a formula to convert and compare them to each other.

I suppose many go through this in the early years of reloading, if so what helped most in your learning curve to get you over the hump? It can't be as difficult as it seems...

Looking for the light...
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