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45 ACP for close up whitetail hunting

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May have been discussed here before but does anyone hunt with their 45 acp for whitetails at closer ranges (35 yards)?

If so what loads and what gun/barrel combo?

Thanks in advance
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Any service caliber will work on deer, they're not tanks all you need is good shot placement. I'm not saying they're ideal, I guess in ways no handgun is ideal in that regard but they will work if you do your part.

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Limit your shot distance with the .45acp as you would if hunting with archery, and I think you would be as successful as most archery hunters- which isn’t perfect either, especially for the unpracticed and those who don’t have the self discipline to wait for the right shot.

But successful enough that dedicated archers are willing to risk it with careful practice and careful shot selection. And no disrespect to archery, it’s a great sport. If you hunt long enough, you will lose an animal no matter what your weapon of choice is.
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230 grain black talon after going through both shoulders of a whitetail and stopping at the offside hide , 30yards . I typically use hardcast though
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230gr Sig V crown , 18 yards , frontal cranium entrance , exit at base of skull/ top of spine . Rode the neck skin down 7” and stopped there under skin.

would have to try a couple more in more substantial meat to see how I feel about them
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