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My 43X just didn’t fit my hands very well. I went one day and didn’t miss once with my 26 on a range where we could do real life self-defense pointing shooting and moving, but with the same situation with my 43X, I missed 30% of the time. Add to that, I use Urban Carry G 2 holsters so with the mag release That is provided by shield arms, occasionally I would draw a released mag. I will say though, that I never Ever had a single problem with the mags as far as firing and function goes. Always drop free, always loaded flawlessly, always locked the slide back. it was just the mag release on rare occasion.

I did go ahead and sell the 43X, but I still have four of the magazines left. I also put the heavy duty upgraded springs in the mags just because I heard that they’re more reliable. The old Springs though never gave me any trouble.
$90 shipping included for all four mags.
if you’re interested call 970 576-8145 in Colorado.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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