40 Headspacing issues

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by latech15, Feb 18, 2010.

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    Feb 5, 2010
    I have a new reloader that I am working on getting set up for my 40 caliber needs. It is a Lee pro 1000 (no laughing please) with the three die setup. I am loading 180 grain Bayou Bullets over 4.9 gr of WSF and CCI primers to 1.120 OAL. I am currently crimping to .420-.422.

    The issue is that approximately 10 percent of my rounds don't heasdpace correctly. They are all passing a headspace guage, but I am also checking by barrel and they aren't working there. They will not go in all the way into the chamber. You can push it in but then you have to get a screwdriver to get it out. I tried reducing the crimp but that makes the problem worse. it hangs up even further back. I tried increasing the crimp but it makes the sticking worse. I have tried longer and shorter OAL's and the best that I can get is about 90% pass rate.

    You know when you have the setup working right and you just drop the bullet into the barrel and you hear that nice brass to steel sound as it headspaces? That isn't happening here. It drops in to a point then it gets stuck.

    I have the exact same press set up beside this one that I run 45s on and do not have any problems.

    I am using a Lone Wolf barrel by the way. I am sure the glock barrel wouldn't have these issues but I run a comp and have to have the threaded barrel.