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GI says #5 for mags that came with #5 or earlier and #10 for newer mags. The problem is that I have the same exact mags (late Gen3 tapered) with #5 and 6, 7, 8. I want to standardize. Has anyone run into this and what is the answer?
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The 40SW magazine followers #5 and earlier will not work properly in magazine tubes that were originally supplied with followers #6 and later. Likewise, 40SW magazine followers #6 and later will not properly work in magazine tubes that were originally supplied with followers #5 and earlier.

If you have unmodified OEM 40SW magazine tubes that are identical at the mouth and use followers #6 and later, there should be none of them capable of working properly with a #5 or earlier follower. The manner in which the follower rests in the left front side of the mouth of the magazine tube changed significantly for both tube and follower AFTER follower #5.

Though totally unnecessary, you could buy direct from Glock a new #10 follower for all your magazines that came with #6 or later followers. Glock charges $2 plus tax and shipping.

At #10, Glock 40SW magazines have had by far the greatest number of follower variations. Even the original 9x19mm pistols are only up to #6. Some variations have differed markedly from others, and also have varied from the similar 357SIG mag followers which are only up to #3. Finally, with 40SW follower #9 and 357SIG follower #3 magazines for both calibers matched. Then less than two years ago came 40SW follower #10. It appears almost identical to follower #9 except for a large notch on the right side of the follower base. I have no idea what purpose that new notch serves, since there is nothing in current tubes which requires the clearance the notch provides. The basis for changes made to Glock magazine followers is most often mysterious and undisclosed.

For your 40SW magazine tubes with #5 followers, there's nothing to be done. That is the latest follower for the first type of 40SW magazines. The tube's left front side metal flap behind the follower's Slide Stop Lever lifting surface is much larger on tubes supplied with #5 and earlier followers and is a good indication of such early tubes if you don't know for sure which tubes you have.
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