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4 Dead in Mass Beating- by a man wielding a large metal object

  1. What this nation needs are sane large metal object control laws....

    "4 homeless men in NYC's Chinatown fatally beaten in their sleep, suspect in custody: reports

    Four homeless men are dead, another seriously injured, after police say they were all beaten in their sleep by a man wielding a large metal object in New York City early Saturday morning.

    Police received a 911 call at around 1:50 a.m. over reports of a man with “severe trauma to the head” discovered on Bowery Street, The New York Times reported citing an NYPD spokesperson.

    Not long after, a second man was found with similar head injuries. He was immediately transported to the hospital. Three additional men were found dead on Broadway and East Broadway.

    A 24-year-old man was taken into custody in connection with the attack, Lt. Thomas Antonetti told the Times. He said police also found a 3-foot-long metal object that resembled a construction stud.

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/homeless-deaths-chinatown-new-york "
  2. people have no respect for others............guess evolution isn't working.
  3. I believe it's comrade Bill's plan for the homeless crisis.

    ....... enough pipes, a few part time city workers, ..........some overtime/hazardous pay,....... i dunno, might work?
  4. Sounds like a serial killer.

    Why is this in PI?

    It's for the children!!

    And eat babies!
  6. Because....

  7. Does this qualify as a "mass bludgeoning" with an assault pipe?
  8. Forthcoming proposals by Elizabeth Warren to ban all metal objects.
  9. Somebody complained and here it is in the Furball.
  10. Sounds like that old Easy Rider movie with Pete Fonda. Where they were sleeping along the road.
  11. "Man Charged with Murder in Deaths of Four Homeless Men in Chinatown

    By Amy Yensi Manhattan

    PUBLISHED 11:07 AM ET Oct. 06, 2019 UPDATED 1:19 PM ET Oct. 06, 2019
    Police have charged a man with killing four homeless men in Chinatown this weekend.

    24-year-old Randy Santos has been charged with four counts of murder, and one count of attempted murder. Santos, who is also homeless, was arrested yesterday shortly after four men were discovered dead on various streets of Chinatown early in the morning.

    Investigators say the victims were sleeping on the street, vulnerable and unsuspecting.

    That's when, police say, Santos beat their heads repeatedly with a pipe, with so much force that four of them died at the scene. A fifth victim was also severely hurt, according to authorities.

    https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-borough...homeless-people-dead-in-chinatown--police-say "
  12. Yes, but it's too controversial for the political forum. :rolleyes:
  13. At least some political figure hasn't released a statement on these crimes by saying that somebody did something ...
  14. Many homeless have mental, substance abuse issues. Use care when interacting with them. There are a few (like they show in movies) that are decent people. (In their own way, a touch strange). If they see you as a non threat it can be interesting to chat.
    I don't give money. I. Would split my lunch with a few. I would watch from rooftop at night between rounds. 10pm to @2-3 am. Sometimes I wish I could throw lightening bolts.. (Mostly non lethal) from that roof...
  15. For the people that want red flag laws as an excuse to take guns away, why don't you start with red flag laws for dealing with the obviously crazy people first, they don't need guns to kill people.
  16. :agree: