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4 Arrested in Chicago as they livestream torturing a special needs man screaming "**** Donald Trump"

  1. Democrat jihadists...

    Nothing a few hanks of rope, and a tree limb or two can't fix.
  2. They should be given a fair trial then executed if found guilty. There is no rehabilitating these savages.
  3. No charges yet? If this was 4 white men yelling about Hillary they would be on all the MSN and the great Rev Al Sharpton would already be heading there to save the day.

    Then of coarse Obama would feel the need to speak about it on t.v.
  4. I agree. Were the races and political affiliations reversed, this would be national headline news and "Team Race-Pimp" would be on the scene organizing riots protests as we speak.
  5. Paging baby-daddy Barack... baby-daddy Barack... Your sons are at it again...
  6. If that video is legit, the attackers all deserve long prison sentences. Let them feel what it's like to be victimized.
  7. You Democrats must be very proud.
  8. The morals of our country has hit an all time low....
    God help us!!!!
  9. Can I applaud the African American community activist Andrew Holmes for calling the event what it is, "a hate crime"?

    Jesse Jackson or Sharpton would be saying something dumb about poverty in Chicago and how those criminals are clearly from single parent homes and must be given a chance to ask for forgiveness.

    Our community leader in chief hasn't even acknowledged this, yet is on the horn with lebron and jay z and the msm the second a lean chugging thug beats the junk out of someone and gets shot in self defense.
  10. I cannot wait until Jeff Sessions becomes the AG... Nuff said
  11. An eye for an eye would be more than appropriate here.

    It's Chicago though, so they'll get a reduced sentence and released.
  12. In Chicago you say. Hmmm. Did any of these perps have any distinguishing characteristics? Tattoos or maybe unusual physical attributes. Prominent ears for instance?
  13. I would imagine if something like that happened here, the deacons of the local AME Zion church would supply the rope for the lynching themselves.

    Every time I see something like this, I give thanks to God for the community leaders we have down here in Alabama. They are the first to demand accountability for individual actions, and will NOT tolerate this sort of behavior.

    For those of you who don't live in an area with a large black population, this is not the norm, the vast majority of the folks I live and work with daily would reject this just like anyone else.
  14. The difference is based on culture, not skin color.

    Liberal areas "with a large black population" are generally cowed into accepting violent psychotic behavior from fellow blacks. They are willing to trade their lives, and their children's lives, for life on the Democrat Welfare-Slave Plantation.

    Righteous people don't play that ****. More importantly, they raise their children to not accept that behavior in themselves, and/or their peers. They would never trade their immortal souls for handouts from Massa & Missy Democrat. The scum in Chicago? Not so much...

    Mark 8:36
    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
  15. I bet those b******* didn't even vote.
  16. Community organizers vote for them.
  17. Sick people who would do stuff like that serve no purpose in this world and should be put down.

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  18. Let em burn in hell, after a well deserved *** beating here on Earth.
  19. Culture

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  20. Culture of hate.
  21. Has Loretta Lynch opened a hate crimes investigation yet? Should I wait for it?
  22. And self-loathing.
  23. [​IMG]
    after watching this disgusting video, what is the definition of a "Hate Crime" ?
  24. stuff like this just makes me want to carry a back pack full of guns so i have one for everybody

  25. I'm sure she will turn out to be a productive member of society, assuming we define productive as having six kids with three different men.
  26. This disgusts me
  27. You libtards must be very proud.
  28. They
    They aint people.
  29. Still waiting for hate crime charges....
  30. Is there enough room in Dylan Roof's cell for 4 more?
  31. The very idea that someone would do that, and then live-stream it on ****ing facebook, is just.........unbelievable. Beyond unbelievable.

    Thank God they did, they've convicted themselves.
  32. the benefits of that "obama" phone
  33. :cheers:
  34. Spare the trial, save the city the coin. Take'm out back and open a can of whoop *** on them all followed by a jaunt to LA and an air boat ride deep into the bayou's and gator country..
  35. Justice will prevail. Sweet Justice
  36. [​IMG]
  37. It can't be a hate crime. Remember the whole "power dynamic" thing?

    Aw, **** that ****. Fry those ******s.
  38. Black Sharks

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  39. I will happily donate my construction expertise to build all 5 of them a state-of-the-art scaffold. I'll even work pro bono as hangman.
  40. FIFY

    Speaking of sharts, where our "great" white one is?
  41. Authorities in Chicago charged four people with hate crimes Thursday following the emergence of a disturbing video appearing to show them shouting obscenities about President-elect Donald Trump and white people while abusing a man authorities say has mental health problems.

    The footage, which Chicago’s top police officer labeled “sickening,” quickly went viral online. In the shaky video, a terrified young man in a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark pants is seen crouching in a corner, his wrists and neck bound with orange bands, his mouth taped shut.

    A young woman films as two young men slash the sleeves of his shirt with knives, then take turns punching him, slapping.......

  42. You tell those lowlife scumbags come on down here the south side of St. Louis I got a little ****ing treat for him them
  43. Obama look alikes
  44. I am not a violent man by nature...

    but ****! I would beat every one of those mother****ers to within an inch of their lives and put a bullet in every one of their hearts, not heads, so they had a few more minutes to consider their inhuman behavior.
  45. A man after my own heart.
  46. And let the working people pay to raise them.
  47. The level of stupidity has no boundaries in today's society.