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.357 SIG Ammo

  1. .357 SIG Ammo ... was everywhere before I bought one!! :steamed:
    Total murphy's law going on here. I even bought some ammo before my gun just in case. Glad I did because now I don't see it anywhere except at overpriced stores. Wallyworld isn't stocking it like they were pre-G32 ownership! :steamed:

    Just needed to vent. I am going to start ordering from online, but just hate having to wait!
  2. Go on line. You should be able to get on line ammo in Texas. Ammo to Go has a lot of 357 sig ammo.
  3. Georgia Canned Heat: $300/1000
  4. Check your local Academy, they always have it when I go. My local Wal-Mart always has one box of .357 sig when I go in. Don't know if that means I am the only one around here that shoots it or if I am just lucky.
  5. Yeah, both of those stores were where I bought my .357 SIG pre-ownership of the G32. Now they're both empty!

    I am ordering online. Just hate waiting! :supergrin:
  6. I don't think they are being manufactured as much as the mainstream ammo. Almost all companies are still playing catch up.

    If you want some cheap quality ammo, order Winchester Ranger T-Series in 357sig from OMB (if you can find away around their "policy"). I believe it comes out to $22 per box of 50 and they are ALWAYS in stock so it's a few bucks cheaper than Walmarts FMJ.

    I have a few cases on hand and will be getting more. I feel like its the best kept secret in the 357sig world. Even better if you wait until they have free shipping promotions.

  7. awesome post ice! Thanks!
  8. If you want some cheap quality ammo, order Winchester Ranger T-Series in 357sig from OMB (if you can find away around their "policy").

    Hey, Iceman. How can I get around their policy?
  9. I talk to them quite a bit and just the other day I was told that Winchester watches them like a hawk since they are the largest seller of Ranger ammo. It's BS that Winchester goes to great length to keep their product out of the hands of paying customers.

    I have a friend do it for me. It's about the only way for now.
  10. Ammo to Go has 357 sig Ranger T's at a very good price if your state allows internet shipment of ammunition. If they do not, have your local gun dealer order it for you.
  11. Hit the mother load at Walmart. Bought 14 boxes at $23.97 each.
  12. My local wal-marts sell it for $23/box, and Bass Pro has it for about the same. The TX DPS load (Gold Dot, 54234, IIRC) can be had for around $28/50rd+S&H online.
  13. gt distributors, thank me later
  14. My local shop carries 357 sig for 18.00 a box.
  15. During the depths of the ammo shortage my local Wal-Mart always had at least one box of WWB and usually a couple.

    In the last month I haven't seen any .357sig ammo at Wal-Mart while everything except 9mm and .380ACP seems to be coming in on a regular schedule.
  16. That's a pretty good price for .357sig ammo. Lucky you.
  17. I've been ordering mine from Georgia Arms and AmmunitionToGo.