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.357 sig ammo right now

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I'm shopping online a couple days ago for ammo of various calibers and WHAT...OMG... $1.00 per round for 9mm FMJ!?! OK but no thanks. I think i already have plenty.

Oh but look... theres .357 sig for .50 per round. CLICK... send me some. Ok CLICK again, how about you send me even more. LOL.

Then I'm on Underwood ammo's site and they are sold out of most everything, but look here! They have an bunch of my preferred carry load of 357 sig 125 grain gold dot. Bought a bunch of that too.

Saw decent prices on other sites for 357 sig even Speer God Dot. Decent at least compared to other popular calibers. Maybe now is a good time to have 357 sig pistols after all.
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Then you get a drop-in 40 barrel and you double your options....two rounds better (and now cheaper) than 9mm.
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Maybe now is a good time to have 357 sig pistols after all.
It is always a good time to have an auto loading pistol, that duplicates the street results of the old 125gr JHP 357Magnum. And does so with less recoil.

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