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.357 SIG Ammo At The Range.

Discussion in 'TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club' started by clarkstoncz, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. clarkstoncz


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    Sep 28, 2006
    The weather was bad, so we headed for the indoor range in Lewiston, Idaho
    on Saturday. (
    Both Nancy and myself were able to handle some Gen 4 Glocks
    like the G19 for the first time.

    I wished they had a Baby Glock like a G26 or G27 so I could see what
    a Gen 4 Glock 33 is going to feel like, as I've been impressed with
    how the bigger Gen 4s fit my hand so far. I'm hoping that Glock
    will offer a Gen 4 G30 and G36 as well.
    During our time at the range, I shot some 147 gr. 9mm and also various .357 SIG loads.
    All ammo was from Double Tap ( with a few
    Winchester and Speer rounds of 9mm thrown in as well,
    with the Win. White Box .357 sneaking into the range bag.
    Gen 3 Glock 32 .357 SIG:
    Distance was 15 yards.

    I've been itching to at least shoot some DT 180 gr hardcast, but wanted to
    see what the DT 147 gr FMJ Flat Point ammo was like in comparison of recoil/blast and how it grouped against
    the DT hard cast 180.

    But firstly, I touched off 5 rounds of the DT 125 gr. Bonded Defense load with the
    very popular Speer Gold Dot bullet.
    Recoil and muzzle blast/report didn't seem to be much different than say Winchester 125 grain FMJ practice ammo. No great surprise for accuracy either.
    I'm no expert shot with a Glock, but didn't have much trouble printing a decent group
    when I concentrated on trigger control.

    The DT 125 GD is the very street proven Gold dot pushed a bit faster than the standard
    Speer loads, but seemingly not to the point of losing control or accuracy.

    I feel the same way about the Double Tap 125 gr. Sierra JHP that's also fun to shoot, and
    has a street proven bullet like the 125 Cor-Bon .357 SIG loading.

    I then loaded up 5 rounds of the DT 147 gr. Flat Point ammo and had about the same results
    but less recoil and blast due to the 147s lower velocity.
    I must have been jerking on the trigger as my grouping wasn't so hot.
    Having shot this load and the DT 147 grain JHP before from this gun,
    I know I could have done better.

    Then came the moment that I'd been waiting weeks for.
    The first few of rounds of the DT 180 grain load was interesting.

    More smoke than normal DT loads and more noticed recoil by myself
    and Nancy who was to my right snapping pics.
    However, we were both Amazed at the accuracy!

    .357 SIG lovers will note that it's an often accurate round, but this
    stuff put them side by side when I did my job.
    Almost a cloverleaf group.. or I thought so at the time.
    About half way through, I stopped and said : "Do you see this?"

    She replied " Wow, it's very accurate!"

    I'd have to say that the DT 180 .357 SIG load is Probably the most
    accurate SIG load to date for me/us.
    Recoil and muzzle blast was about like shooting 180 gr. Blazer 10mm, but
    in a smaller package. I've shot hot 180 DT out of a CZ that kicked more.

    I have no doubt that it's astonishly accurate at 25 yards or so as well.

    THIS will be my woods walking .357 SIG load in the future!

    After being truly shocked- but very pleased by this performance..I loaded up some of the
    DT 115 gr. Nosler JHP rounds.

    I think I shot seven of them.
    You could notice the recoil and it was LOUDER than the other loads tested
    and also printed a decent sized group but not approaching the 180 gr. load.
    My groups showed vertical stringing, but again like the other loads
    not as much recoil as shooting a .40 Glock until you went to the
    180 grainer.

    A very fun time on a very stormy day.

    We were running late for dinner, so we packed and drove for home.

    I'm hoping to get out and shoot some more next month.

    Sorry about not having any chrono results but even if I had one- I'm sure that some people would dispute the numbers.

    More info on the 180 grain load and others:

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    Sep 28, 2006
    double post, please delete this one.

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    Feb 11, 2001
    nice report....nice pics!!
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    Sep 28, 2006
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