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I'm looking to start handloading the.357 sig in a Glock 31. Would anyone have some handloads for 147 grain and/or 180 grain coated lead/ plated projectiles?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
147 grain data is plentiful out there.

My personal favorite uses Alliant Power Pistol and a 147 grain plated flat point bullet (X-Treme, Rainier Ballistics, or Berry's).

7.0 grains Alliant Power Pistol (7.4 grains max)
147 grain plated flat point bullet
Standard small pistol primer (any)
COAL= 1.135"
Crimp moderately, and bell the neck as little as possible

Exceptional consistency and accuracy.

I don't recommend 180 grainers, since you're going to have to load out to a far greater COAL, and the factory barrel isn't very tolerant of that.
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