.338 Federal 8" Short Barrel Rifle AR-10 Velocity Results

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Whats up all my Glock Talk forum peeps..Its been awhile since ive been here..I thought i would introduce my new 8" SBR 338 federal project that ive been working on for about a year..Today it is complete and i have chronographed it with some pretty interesting results.. Shooting a few of the Federal Factory 180gr Accubond Nosler Ballistic tips i was clocking in around 2205fps-2242fps and shooting some of the American Eagle 185gr soft point factory ammo i was getting around 2098fps-2198fps...I still have some more testing to do with some lighter loads such as the Barnes 160gr ballistic tips..And i have some video footage that i will be releasing of my test results later this week.But for now i have attached a few photos for your viewing..Please tell me what you think DSC_2353.JPG
    DSC_2359.JPG NMS_2377.JPG

    Here is a shooting video and chronograph test on it

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