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303 brit surplus markings?

Discussion in 'Military Surplus Forum' started by BOOSTED12A, Aug 12, 2010.


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    Feb 8, 2010
    tornado alley, gloucester va.
    ok, i picked up a perty nice savage enfield that came with about 300 rnds of asorted surplus ammo and while inventorying it i saw about 5 differnt stampings and 2 styles of crimps. most had dents mid way down the neck as the crimp and about 20 or so had a crimp at the top of the neck. its been sporterized, the original stock was chopped, sanded, burnt and pollyeurathaned. probbaly gonna get a syn stock. it already has the scope mount with a older tasco 4x30 scope. so, anyone have any info/pics for the diffeent surplus stuff? mainly just want to make sure im not shooting anythgin that is known to malfunction