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300 rum and 300 rum bdl blued in hs precision



i have a remington sendero stainless fluted 300 rum less than 100 rds jewel trigger 1.5 lbs
badger 20moa base ,no brake but buttstock has 1 lb of lead shot and epoxy inside with soft buttpad,gun balances at the floor plate with bipod attached,recoil is not bad will shoot 150 gr accubonds ,185 gr and 210 gr berger vlds,and 180 gr swift scirrocos all into 1/2 inch or less 100 yds
has whitetail kills prone from bipod at 535,575,and 646 yds
will take $1100 for rifle or $1800 with leupold 4.5x14x50 30 mm tube side focus duplx target turrents and smith enterprises picatinny rings a turn key rig with drop charts for 150 accubond and 210 berger out to 800 yds

also have a rem 700 bdl ,hs precision stock shoots 150 and 180 accubonds 1/2 to 3/4 inch 100 yds whitetail kill at 400 yds from shooting house drop chart to 500yds with accubonds
$650 or $1100 with leupold vari-x III 4.5X14X40 1 inch tube adjustable obj AND LEUPOLD QRW rings
substitute a bedded lee six 25 oz stock for this rifle probably shave off 8 to 10 oz same price

can substitute nightforce NXS scope TO EITHER for additional cost

only reason i am selling is i bought a heavier rig for prone shooting have a 280 mountain rifle for stand hunting
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