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3 Xbox Games And 2 Demo Discs $55...

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by LaserMax30, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. LaserMax30

    LaserMax30 Guest

    I have these on ebay,if you do not use ebay,I can cancell the auction..
    I will put a link to the auction at the end of this..
    3 games: jet set radio future,mint and complete//circus maximus,mint,no book//bruce lee,quest of the dragon,mint and complete.
    Then 2 xbox magazine demo discs #'s 12 and 13.
    This is a list of playable demos included on the 2 discs;#12/agressive inline/madden 2003/nfl blitz 2003/nfl fever 2003/sega gt 2002 (awsome racing game)//time splitters 2.
    #13 demos, bloodrayne//chase/house of the dead/panzer dragoon/toe jam and earl 3//tom clancey's splinter cell.

    All of this for $55 shipped to u.s. only