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I no longer own a .40, so have a couple of used parts for sale. Two extractors (older style, not LCI); both have been installed at some point, but show no significant wear.

I also have a .40 firing pin. The lug has been shortened slightly (very little) for a quicker release (less "creep"). Worked well in my G-35 before I sold it. Use at your own risk... you should know how to install the pin & check overlap with the trigger bar (requires the orange slide cover plate for inspection).

I am selling all 3 pieces together for $21 shipped - will not sell separately. You can send me your address & I will send the parts. If you like them, send cash, check or money order... if not, you can send the parts back to me.

Please say "I will take it" as a post, so everyone will know who is in line. Then send me a PM with with your address.

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