3" Inches? Yeah 3" inches from the floor!

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    One day, this lady went to a garage sale and saw this mirror against a wall. She looked at it for a while and decided to purchase it. The lady, who was running the garage sale, told her that it was a magic mirror. She took it home and put it on the inside of her closet door.

    Her husband came home from work and she told him what she bought. They were getting ready for bed and she excused herself from the bed and told him that she would be right back. She went over to the closet door and stood in front of the mirror and said, "Mirror, mirror, on the door, make my breasts a 44". All of the sudden, her breasts pop out.

    She crawled into bed and her husband was just so tickled at her big breasts. He asked her how she did it. She told him that she told him earlier that she bought a magic mirror. He laughed and asked where it was. He went over to the closet and opened the door and stood in front of it naked as a jaybird. He said, "Mirror, mirror, on the door, make my member touch the floor."
    All of a sudden, his legs fell off.