3 handy little tools: Taskbar Shuffle, RBtray, and IE tab.

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Creeper1313, Sep 19, 2007.

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    These are just 3 little tools (2 for windows, 1 for Firefox) I've installed recently and really make use of:

    Taskbar Shuffle
    A feature that I've felt should have been in Windows for as long as Windows has had a Taskbar... the ability to rearrange the programs on the Taskbar! Especially when I'm at work, I am running a dozen things at once, and being able to arrange them in a way that's logical to me is a huge help.

    RB Tray
    Lets you minimize ANY program to your systray rather than your taskbar by right-clicking on the minimize "-" button. Programs like Winamp let you enable this behavior via their options... but it's super handy to be able to do this to anything. I listen to Sirius via the web at work, and this lets me minimize the browser window it's playing in so it's not taking up taskbar space.

    IE Tab
    As much as we hate using IE, there are just some websites they couldn't manage to make look right in Firefox. This plug in lets you declare a list of sites that you want displayed via IE... but IE running INSIDE your Firefox browser window. Also, you can click in the lower right of your Firefox window to toggle between IE view and Firefox view.

    Just figure I'd pass these along.

    PS: These are all ad-free, small, and unobtrusive. (Taskbar Shuffle has a brief splash screen at Startup by default, but this can be disabled)