3 guys crash

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    3 guys are flying in a plane across the ocean. The plane goes down and they land on what appears to be a deserted island. As they are traveling along they suddenly run into a group of savagely dressed natives with spears. The natives start to motion them along with the spears. The three men are terrified, wondering what they are going to do. They think 'surely we will be put to death and eaten. The men come to a clearing where the village is. They are led into the hut and come upon the Chief of the tribe of canibals. The men are absolutely terrified, thinking about how they can't communicate, they are sure to be eaten. The cheif says "Gentlemen, how are you?!" The three men are taken aback, "you speak English!?!?" The Chief replies, "Why yes, I studies at Harvard." The men are relieved " We though for sure we were going to die! how much of a relief that you can speak English" The Chief then replied " well, I see where you are coming from, but unfortunately I have not been able to change the ways of my people. despite my best efforts they are still going to kill you. Now my people are very superstitious. When they kill you they will use your bones to make tools and weapons, they stretch your skin over a frame to make the canoe. and they eat your meat. You can either kill yourself or they will boil you to death"
    The first guy says, "ok give me a knife!" He takes the knife, stabs himself and dies.
    The second man not to be out done by the first takes the knife and kills himself also.
    The third man says "give me a fork."
    "A fork?" asks the chief.
    "yes it's my last wish so let me have a fork." says the man.
    The third man takes the fork and starts stabbing himself in the chest and all over the place saying " You won't make a canoe outta me!"