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3-Gun: Rifle Sight - Dot Size

  1. Any thoughts on dot size for rifle sight for 3-gun competition, ie. 1,2,4,6,8 MOA?

    It is a C-More if that matters.
  2. I prefer a small dot. While a red dot is not a precision optic a small dot gives you better potential accuracy if the distance gets long. For the record I use 2moa aimpoints.
  3. Philip - Might try the "3-gun Rifle - Optics" forum on Benos. Or whatever it's titled. Probably get more traffic from high-volume shooters. :)
  4. I use a C-More STS with a 3.5 dot mounted at 1:00 using a Daniel Defense mount. It's for close-in targets but the stage designers around here will sometimes put a No-Shoot in front leaving only a head shot.


    One of the advantages of the C-More design over similar sights is the ability to change batteries without losing zero.

  5. It's more of a balance between dot size and being able to pick it up quickly. An EOTech, for example, has a 1 mil dot surrounded by a 65 mil ring. For close up, it's easy to pick up the sight because the big ring pulls your vision to it and the dot refines the final placement. I have an 8 mil C-more on my steel challenge pistol, and looking at it, the dot might be a bit big for longer rifle shots. I think for MSSA w/a max range of 90 yds or so for a 1/3 of a target shot, you could probably get away w/6 or less. If decide you want to try some of the other ranges that have shots out to 300 yds, you can take a look at something then too. The good news is w/a C-more is you can dial the brightness up enough to make the way you want. Not sure how the magnifier works out w/a C-more if you decide you want to later or if co-witnessing is an issue for you either. Evan's right, there's a ton of guys on Enos' website that may have already done a press-to-test w/dot sizes.
  6. You'll get more traffic on BrianEnos.com under 3gun, but generally speaking a dot on a rifle should be about 7-8 MOA. Think about it, 8 MOA is 8" at 100 yards, 16" at 200 yards, and only 2 inches at 25 yards, it depends on what class you are shooting. A 4 MOA dot is good for 100 yards, but it almost disappears at close range. The bigger the MOA, the better for close range, but it can cover a target at far range. The smaller the MOA, the better for long range, within reason, a 2 MOA is 4" at 200 yards. I consider dots to be good for 150 yards and closer. If you run an Open Class gun, then the dot is the second sight behind a scope.
  7. I prefer 2 or 4 moa. If I need it to be faster I just turn up the intensity which makes the dot bloom and increases the percieved size of the dot.

  8. Exactly. I don't understand how a smaller dot is slower at close range. You still have a bright red spot in the middle when you look through your optic. Your eye should find it pretty easy no matter what size it is.
  9. It depends on the ranges and targets you will be shooting.