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2Monkeez sheath = good, Blackhawk Nightwing = suck

Discussion in 'The Cutting Edge' started by fnfalman, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I got a Blackhawk Nightwing as a Christmas present and I wanted to take it scuba diving and use it to kill sea urchins that infest certain areas of the California coast.

    The stock sheath is obviously not a dive sheath, so I posted a thread here and Will @ 2Munkeez (GT member W4004P) told me that he could make me a dive sheath. I sent a sketch to him and we bounced some ideas around. It took a bit of time because Will never made a dive sheath before and I don't quite know what I wanted either, so we bounced ideas around until we came up with a design that I wanted. Quick draw is not a concern but retention is, so the sheath has a retention strap, the typical friction fit AND bungee cord around the grip.

    I took it diving today and it stayed in place even when I jumped off a 7-ft deck into the ocean, plus having to scrabble up a swim platform on my belly to get back onto the boat again. Kudos to Will. I'm gonna send him some more blades to have dive sheaths made for.

    For the knife itself, it seems to be a decent blade, but I think that the claim of "stainless steel" is a bit...misleading. Yes, it's SS30V high-carbon stainless steel, but gee louise, the damn thing already showing rust after not even ONE DAY of exposure to salt water? The blade shows rust (even through the "diamond like coating"), and the grip screws are rusty as heck. Looks like I ain't gonna take this thing out diving again.

    Here are some pics of the sheath that Will made for me.

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