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2ID's new Alcohol policy on the Korean peninsula...

  1. Sound off if you're stationed in Korea...

    For anyone who hasn't heard, there have been a few too many rape cases in the past month or two, so the knee-jerk reaction from up top is to prevent soldiers from getting drunk, period. If you're caught at any time with a BAC above .1 then you get UCMJ. The only exception is DA 31 leaves/passes.

    MPs caught around 30 people in Yongsan on the first night, just by approaching people they thought might be drinking and giving them a breathalyzer.

    "Assignment of Choice" my ass.
  2. I was there 00-01. About all we did was get drunk. Korea was the last time I got REALLY drunk. :banana:
  3. :supergrin: First I thought you said .01:shocked:, not .1, then caught myself. Yeah, that does suck...been many a time that I've been over a .1 as we all try make it home/to a friend's place to crash.

    Take it one can still drink to excess, but it is in quarters only? And yeah, enjoy that "assignment of choice"

    Done over three years there myself ([email protected] and 2004-2006 split between Stanley/K16). Probably still looking at one or two more tours before I retire.:yuck:
  4. I was in TDC 76-77, what good time. If Miss Kim is still there tell her hello. :rofl:
  5. All I can say is, 4 more months. I can't wait to get out of Korea.

  6. Korea was the worst. Not because of the country but because of the Army. I am sure that Korea would be fun as a civilian. I was up at Camp Greaves.

    It says something when we were happy to deploy to the Sunni Triangle just because we were leaving Korea!!!
  7. I was in TDC from 97-98. Things sure have changed I guess. I was eighteen there (first duty station) and we said drunk. Oh well.