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  1. So i just started watching 24 bc my wife said i should. i am half way through season one, and i have come to the conclusion Obama based everything he did on this show. african american senator running for president and pushing health care reform. what the heck is going on here.
  2. Drat! I missed last Mondays episode.
  3. no worries ill be caught up to you in oh 6 months or so lol.
  4. Wifey got me season one for Christmas. We're now half way through season three and recording the current season on the DVR so we can watch it when we finally get cought up.
    (ebay for the other seasons...get 'em for about $12. Or Wallyworld has them for $19.)
  5. the earlier seasons were my favorite cuz they started from scratch and thus more original. i envy you guys who are just starting 24, get ready for a ride in epicness and bad-assery...
  6. For real I love watching shows that have been out for a few seasons, and I'm just getting into it. It beats waiting week after week for episodes, and waiting a full year for a new season. While the newer seasons of 24 haven't been up there with the past ones, I still enjoy it very much.
  7. I'm not going to spoil it for you but wait until you get to the 5th season. It's the best one in my opinion. It has a really complicated storyline with plenty of unexpected twists and turns.

    By the way, I think one of the most awesome things I have ever seen on 24 was the way Bill went out last season.
  8. 24 is one of the few tv programs I watch on a regular basis.
  9. is elisha cuthbert still there? tasty
  10. I agree on season 5. And yes, that was pretty good (Bill at the WH).

    In a limited role, yes.

    Normally I remove pics from quoted posts...but not this time :cool:
  11. So far...Season two has proven to be the ...uhhh....bounciest Elisha season so far. Even the wife noticed.
  12. guys please PLEASE do not give any hints to who is still in the show or who left or who died. if it was me and i read this thread i would sort of read between the lines and kinda be upset. but thats just me
  13. HULU.com
  14. :upeyes:
  15. I've thought so far this season is awful.
  16. The OP doesn't even know who Bill is yet. Besides, I didn't tell him what happened. It's not a big Spoiler.
  17. I had nothing to say...just wanted to see the pic again in the thread :supergrin:
  18. Especially during the holiday breaks when everything's rerun. I watch 5 seasons of Las Vegas in a very short time period.

    Cuthbert also has been showing up on The Forgotten this season. It's funny, I think she sometimes ehh, but she's got some hot pics.
  19. I don't know if little o watched 24 before running. But in any case he is nothing like David Palmer. little o is just an empty suit chicago-style thug politician, and even though it is implied (not directly stated) that Palmer is the same party, he is definitely not an empty suit. Even though they are the same party I would take having Palmer as President over little o any day.

    At any rate I definitely recommend catching up, most of the seasons have their little ups and downs, but overall very good stuff.

    PS- slightly spoiler: look out for Agent Pierce. Aside from Jack Bauer himself, Agent Pierce is the only other character to have at least some role in all of the first 7 seasons of 24 (no word yet if he will be in season 8).

    ETC: I put CIA Agent Pierce for some reason.... duhh yeah he is USSS not CIA....
    One of those alphabet soup agencies... ;)
  20. There is a reference to him being a dem in one episode.

    Pierce is USSS, not CIA.

    I bought season 1 for ****s and grins one day. Ended up blowing a whole weekend watching the entire thing at once. Went to walmart later that night and bought seasons 2-6 and redemption. Season 7 was on tv at the time and I avoided it, buying it the day it came out on DVD.

    My favorite show, certainly.
  21. I'd hit it.......again.