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22WMR in ballistic gel

  1. Pretty interesting results!

  2. Does he have to say, "Ni-ha-hice" after every one?

    Other than that rather minor irritation, interesting to watch.
  3. Its "Pretty Aasome" & " Niiice " Not really. Your results suffer do to that over used block of gell . Mildly better with the volume off .
  4. Over used jell is right, results are questionable. Although I use that Federal 50 gr. and it is quite accurate.
  5. Agreed.

    "Bloom ", on bloom, on bloom, etc.

    Not so Nah-ha-hiiice.

  6. This guy has been trying, perhaps a little too hard, to make a name for himself in the ever burgeoning and popular firearm related internet video field, but he's just tough to watch. The bottom line is that a gun, video camera and tripod, some post-production video editing software, and in this case a block of ballistic gelatine do not a YouBoob firearm exspurt video production make.

    My apologies if the above sounds a bit harsh, but that's just my unabashed opinion, worth what you paid for it ;)
  7. Regardless of the guy’s personality, I like that Henry rifle setup he has. Pretty darn quiet rifle.
  8. Suppressors do tend to reduce muzzle blast ! Still rather have a bolt action and a better scope than a 3x9 any brand .

    MY savage bv wears a 6-24x44 tmd 30mm tube . Dispatched a groundhog with a head shot at 96 yards 2 nights ago using sk rifle match 40gr solid . Beat that ammo does not gel test well ether but it kills well .