I traded one of my pistols for a nice Rock Island 22TCM/9MM combo last year. Part of that trade was around 700 rounds of loaded ammo and the gear needed to continue the process. I have no plans on reloading, so this stuff is on the chopping block.

No idea if this is everything you need. There is about 25% of the powder left, the LEE press, a die set, a small scale, and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t identify. Also comes with a bag of about 100 or so rounds that are good examples of what NOT to do. They are complete shiite, would not even chamber in the 1911. Even the untrained eye (me) could tell these were crap.

I also have around 500 rounds of this reloaded ammo that passed the sniff test with a tool I bought online that you drop the round in to check the fit, you might be able to convince me to sell those rounds and the tool too. Factory ammo works great, not sure I will ever light this stuff up.

$150 for everything you see. Feel free to make an offer on the loaded ammo. I'll ship for free to the lower 48 states, will take paypal of venmo for payment.