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22s at Dicks SPorting goods in SC

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I just got back form Dicks sporting goods on 2 notch rd. Columbia South Carolina If you need 22s they have them. no one lese Ive check does. The girl behind the counter the 22s are form the unadvertised fathers day sale. She said that the 22s were not advertised .So they are loaded
They have
American eagle 22 (can only box of 50 ,NO bricks)
Thunderbolt Lightening (1 brick per customer)
Federal Champion (1brick per customer)
The girl told me you can only buy 1 brick per day. Not sure of how many boxes of the American eagle (box of 50) you can buy.
Even Academy Sports didn't have any 22s. I know that all other calibers of ammo 9mm,45, 40 and other except for 17 HMR are on the shelves so what's up with the 22s