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.22 handgun for small game hunting

  1. I think I am going to spring for a .22 pistol dedicated to small game hunting this year. My only criteria is accuracy and ease of mounting a scope (either a 2x or a dot of some sort).

    Right now I am split between a S&W 617 and a Browning Buckmark 5.5 heavy barrel. I'm not a big fan of the Rugers - any other suggestions?
  2. what are you going to hunt with a .22?
  3. I hunt squirrels with my buckmark. I have a Leopold 2x mounted with Weigand rings and base.
  4. My small game hunting pistol is also my big game hunting pistol.

    I use a TC Contender. 10" Octagon barrel in .22LR with a red dot sight for small game. 14" .44 Magnum with a 1.5X TC scope for the bigger stuff.

    You want accurate small game gun, get a TC.
  5. ^^^ True! One receiver, many different barrels and chamberings. ;)
  6. I traded for a Ruger Mark III 22/45 a week ago. It came with the base and screws. I'm still thinking about a scope for it.

    For the money, I don't think you can do better than the Ruger Mark III.

  7. Unless you really like the balance afforded by the heavier barrel, a standard Buckmark or Buckmark Camper would probably group as well under field conditions, with less weight to tote.

    Otherwise, both the guns you mentioned are fine choices for your intended use. The auto(s) might be a bit quieter (from the shooter's standpoint) than the revolver; that barrel/cylinder blast makes for quite a "crack!" On the other hand, the revolver can handle CB Caps, shotshells, and other specialty ammo without stoppages or feeding problems.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
  8. Walther P22.
  9. Squirrels and the smallish rabbits we have around here (Eastern Cottontails). I've hunted them for years with a 10/22 and 20ga, and wanted to try something new.
  10. I tried a Buckmark 5.5, and really liked the balance. Plus, the full-length Weaver rail across the top makes scope mounting easy - perfect for the Weaver 2x28 I took off a scout carbine and have waiting for this project. Or maybe I'll put my EoTech on it for a bit...

    That said, the 617 is calling my name - a 4" version would make a nice companion to my 4" 629.

    Oh, the choices... :supergrin:
  11. I like
    but since you don't like the Rugers, I would say to go with the Buckmark.
  12. I have a ruger 5.5" bull barrel and a sw 617 6" barrel model. The SW is very accurate! If you can afford it, go SW. I rarley shoot the ruger now.

    Maybe look at a ruger single six. The 22 mag option may give you more power & range.

    Sorry to add another choice to the mix.

    If you go 617, go 6". I think outdoor life or field & stream recently did an article on them and recomended the 617.

    Happy hunting.
  13. I've got a first year production Buckmark 5.5 Field model topped with a cheap dot sight. It'll put them all into one hole at 25 yards and that's with Wal-Mart Remington bulk pack ammo.

    My S&W revolvers are good, but not that good.
  14. Exactly what I have been looking at.:thumbsup:
  15. I have a S&W 22S with 5" barrel. Performs to my hearts content. Has a mountain rail for scopes, I've got a AimPoint red dot that I take on and off frequently, never have to rezero with the mounting depressions. I'd advise looking into these.

  16. I hunt with one of 3 22s I own. I have a browning buckmark with a 4in bull barrel nice and it fits in my carry holster, single six with a 5.5in barrel that nice and light or I like to use my smith and wesson m41 w/ 7 1/2 barrel more accurate than any rifle I own.

    no scopes no reddots. only iron sights. I have been thinking about getting a 22upper for my g26 so I could practice/hunt with that as well.