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2019 College Football Thread...

  1. We’ll see:
    Average giving up for the year passing: 151, vs. OSU 320
    Average giving up for the year rushing: 112, vs. OSU 196
    Total yards given up for the year: 264, vs. OSU 516
    Almost Double yardage in all categories.

    I wonder if Clemson had played a Big-10 or SEC schedule if they would have the number 1 defense?

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  2. Not nearly as much as OSU losing Dobbins. Before he got hurt he was running all over the place.

    I’m in no way downing Clemson, I love Dabo!
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  3. Yes, the ACC was especially weak this year, but Clemson did beat two SEC teams already this year and allowed a combined total of 13 points.
  4. Yeah, you’re correct, I had forgot about USC, watched the A&M game.
    But, let’s not kid ourselves and think A&M and USC are on the same level as LSU.

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  5. Not even close.
  6. They might as well give LSU the trophy now. There is no way Clemson will ever beat them.
  7. No way girl, that’s why the games are played. Any given Saturday and all that ;)

    Though I still think LSU is on their own level and is likely to win handily.
  8. Well I think Clemson played and won one of the best college games I have seen, but my money in Vegas says this guy image.jpeg will help LSU to become National Champions. #9 #9 #9
  9. Gosh, a ton of people said that about Clemson playing OSU. I would bet on LSU if I was going to bet, one thing I really believe is that it will be a great game, maybe almost as good as the Clemson vs Ohio State game.
  10. Caesar’s book has LSU by 3, so bet your house and your retirement fund on LSU and after the game you will be a very rich person.
  11. The battle of the death valley tigers. Should be a great game.
  12. SEC ref's picked LSU's opponent. Screw ESPN and the SEC.
  13. Hey woah, easy! Ima sec guy, but yeah, as an impartial watcher, OSU didn’t get the calls.
    The fumble, scoop and score was called correctly on the field and could have been the difference in the game.

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  14. Now to watch my alma mater, go Hilltoppers!!!

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  15. Now that was a crazy finish....
  16. Yeah, it sure was!
    I hope the finish of the NC game is that good!

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  17. Another great finish,
    Cats, Cats, Cats!!!
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  18. May be the best coaching staff there is.
    Ed O and his staff got out coached the entire first quarter, quarter and a half, and it was easy to see.
    But, eventually, talent took over.

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  19. The Real Death Valley...

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  20. Giving Clemson the touchdown they were robbed of, 42-32 was about what I thought it would be. Clemson made a good showing but LSU had all the weapons. Good game.
  21. Clemson gave up 1530 yards in their last 3 games. I’m kind of surprised LSU didn’t hang 70 on them.
  22. The outcome was about what I thought, but not what I had hoped. Clemson did a good job of giving me some false hope in the first half. Lawrence was definitely off his game and his receivers did not help him at all. Could have been a much closer game, but LSU just had too much for them.
  23. It was pretty damn obvious the Tigers would win
  24. LSU should have won by a larger margin. They had bad field position early on and should have run the ball more to open up their passing game earlier. Anyway, the highly touted Clemson defense gave up 628 total yards to LSU’s offense, 463 of which was passing.
  25. LSU got a lot of big plays, but how many sacks did Clemson register? They had Burrow on the run the entire first half. He did a good job considering the pressure. Clemson couldn't keep it up as much in the second half.
  26. Well that's great that LSU won the National Championship. Great Coach, Great Quaterback, Great Team. I just hope that magic happens and the Las Vegas Raiders somehow draft #9 Joe Burrow. image.jpeg Vegas needs some billboard material for their new digs, some draft pics the Raiders already have and some big $$$$$$$ to the Bengals or whatever team gets the opportunity to draft Joe. Least if he went to the Raiders, he'd been playin' for a great coach, on a team that just missed grabbin' a wild card, in a brand spankin' new stadium. image.jpeg



    Well it's pretty doubtful, but a team that really needs to aquire a lot of draft picks might just trade with the Raiders, for multiple picks and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
  27. Great game, that LSU quarterback was something to watch and I have no explanation for the call that was offensive pass interference .
    Clemson just did not produce , can’t wait to see them next year .

    Joe Burrow wow on another level ,he was sacked and pushed out of the pocket and all that accomplished was giving him a chance to make big plays .
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  28. Congrats to Lsu! I"m happy to see the Big 12 brand of football has finally made it to the Sec.
  29. Burrows dropping in rainbows over tight coverage made for the greatest difference, imo.
  30. This year's Clemson defense isn't as good as years past. Decent on the back end (usually) but the DL is not what it has been - especially the DTs. Davis is a stud but the other position isn't great (Pinckney being out didn't help things). And zero depth right now.

    Fortunately I think there is better talent on campus and developing. Simmons is an otherworldly stud but he can only do so much.

    We REALLY should have redshirted Albert Huggins in 2015. But he might would have left anyway.

    That LSU offense is a sight to behold. Great combination of system and talent. LSU has always had good WRs but never had a decent QB.

    I think Lawrence tried to push too much when it became obvious it was a shootout. And just couldn't do it (I will also note that LSU's defense is better than people think - they have very good DBs). Maybe panicked a little bit. He'll learn from it.

    We have him at least one more year. Then we the Polynesian Punisher, DJ Ueigaleili. Don't ask me how you pronounce that. And probably don't wanna quote that nickname either. :rofl:

    But we'll see how it all unfolds.

    Not quite. There was some defense played. :rofl:
  31. sooo wanted to enjoy the game on my newish 4K HDTV QLED
    The split screen and constant jabbering nonsense by the commentators, who would not STFU was so distracting, I turned it off. The split screen and movements on the commentator's side fo the split was visually annoying.
  32. I complained about that crap and realized I was watching it on ESPN2. I switched to ESPN and they did not have that moronic split screen nonsense.
  33. I pray neither the Bengals nor the Browns pick up Burrow. The kid deserves better.

    The Bengals may well pass him over; he's going to be expensive. They might well trade down for more, but lower, first rounds. We'll see ...